Aquafos Pressure Tank

Aquafos Expansion Vessels

Aquafos expansion vessels are manufactured in Taiwan and are suited for all water systems: industrial, domestic and agricultural. The tanks are constructed of a polypropylene liner combined with high grade butyl diaphragm to isolate water and air. This provides a closed system for drinking water preventing the growth of bacteria and vermin intrusion. The cast stainless steel water connection is used for corrosion resistance. All Stairs Industrial Co. Ltd. (Aquafos) expansion vessels are quality tested to insure the structural integrity of every tank.

Conti+ Mixers Suppliers in UAE

Conti Plus – oXan Fresh – Room and Air conditioning system disinfection

The comprehensive CONTI+ hygiene concept, which covers PREVENTIVE, PERMANENT, ACUTE phases and offers maximum safety, to include our own disinfection solutions: CONTI+ oXan™.CONTI+ oXan™ fresh room and air conditioning systems: for disinfection of rooms of all kinds and air conditioning units, for elimination of odours and for reduction of respirable dust.CONTI+ oXan™ is non-toxic and pH-neutral. It does not irritate the skin, mucous membrane or eyes, or cause cell or plant damage. The containers used are filled at our Wettenberg site, where the disinfection solution is produced.CONTI+ oXan™ is an environmentally friendly and effective water disinfectant based on non-toxic sodium hypochlorite. It is an ecological and economical alternative for conventional disinfection methods.