Glass Balustrade Suppliers in UAE

A glass balustrade is a safety barrier. Glass balustrades are in different types like fully framed, semi-frameless, or fully frameless. Glass balustrades allow light to pass through, so reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a natural source of daylight. Aqua Alliance Technical Services is the best Glass Balustrade Suppliers in UAE. We are providing quality Glass balustrades at an affordable price.

Why Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades have a variety of usages, allowing the maximum flow of light and view both inside and outside the building. It is used around stairs and lifts, in guiding walkways to control the direction of pedestrian traffic, in external windows to prevent people from falling out of a building

Glass Balustrade

Where we can use Glass Balustrades?

Glass balustrades are found around to give your staircase a floating impression.

Glass balustrades provide the best barrier around your balcony. The use of using glass balustrades around your balcony is that your views are completely uninterrupted.

Pool Fencing:

Glass Balustrades using in pool fencing. It is really giving high-level protection.

Advantages of Glass Balustrade

1. Glass Is Easy to Clean and Maintain:

Glass balustrades only need little effort for cleaning. They will be clean within few wipes.

2. Glass Doesn’t Block Light or Vision:
The glass is very transparent. So they never block the light and vision.

3. Durability
Laminated or tempered glass is tougher, Unlike metal and wood, so the durability of glass is almost constant.

4. Glass Provides a Modern look
Glass provides a stylish and modern look for our home and office.

5. Safety and Security

All most balustrades tend to have gaps in between their railings, but these kinds of balustrades don’t have. It is providing more safety and security compared to other balustrades.

Aqua Alliance Technical Services is the leading Glass balustrade supplier in UAE. We will provide a stylish look for your place.