Aqua Alliance is a reputed valve supplier in UAE, a sister concern of Junaid Group with a team having experience exclusively in the technical details. We are powered by the ability to provide innovative & sustainable solutions to your business needs.

Valve Used in Plumbing for UAE

Valves are invented to control the flow of water and direct the flow. There are so many types of valves based on different types of applications. The valves for residential purposes are mainly used as a water control system to regulate the flow of water.

Our Products

Our products include

  • Gate Valve
  • Ball Valve
  • Float Valve
  • Angle Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Foot Valve
  • Strainer
  • Bibtap
  • Cast Iron Gate Valve
  • Cast Iron Butterfly Valve
  • Cast Iron Check Valve
  • Cast Iron Strainer

Below is the explanation of the most used valves.

Gate Valve Suppliers 

Aqua Alliance is the leading brass gate valve supplier in UAE. Like other valves, gate valves are also used to control the flow of water. To be more accurate, gate valves are used to start and stop the water flow inside the pipes. Brass gate valves are the most common gate valve used in construction fields. Brass Gate valves can be used in water and oil. There is no minimum operating pressure for the gate valve, the maximum cold working pressure is 17.5 Bar at temperatures up to 93°C, and not possible for maximum hot working pressure.



Ball Valve Suppliers

Ball valves are made up of chrome-plated brass body, brass cap, brass-plated iron stem, brass plated chrome ball, PTFE ball seat, NBR stem packing, and steel chrome plated handle. There is no minimum operating pressure, maximum cold working pressure is 25° bar at temperatures up to 20°C and maximum hot working pressure is 4 bar at temperatures up to 120°C. It can be used for the flow of water, oil, and air.


What Aqua Alliance Offer?

  •  Hight Quality Valves
  • Cost-Effective
  • Expert Sales Engineers
  • Delivery on Time

We primarily focus on accomplishing customer trust through the supply of quality industrial valves and after-sales service.