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What is Solar Energy

Solar energy will be energy that comes from the Sun. Solar energy is the best option for fighting the current environmental emergency and lessening our reliance on fossil fuels.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar power generation begins when solar panel boards assimilate daylight with photovoltaic cells, producing direct current (DC) energy and afterward changing it over to usable exchanging current (AC) energy with the assistance of inverter innovation. AC energy at that point courses through the home’s electrical board and is disseminated likewise.

Solar Panels use Solar Photovoltaic (PV) development that changes over sunshine (Solar radiation) into power by using semiconductors. At the point when the sun hits the semiconductor inside the PV cell, electrons are liberated and transport bars gather the running electrons which bring about electric flow. At the point when we place Solar boards associated in a determined way in the daylight, they begin creating current and voltage as Direct current (DC) however in a large portion of the nations on the planet apparatuses and gear runs on Alternative current (AC) so we need to interface with all Solar boards to an Inverter which at that point changes over DC into AC for home use.

solar panel

Solar Water Heater

  • A solar water heater is a device. This is used to solar heat energy to produce hot water for many uses like commercial, and industrial.
  • Working of a Solar Water Heater
  • Solar water heating systems contain storage tanks and solar collectors.
  • The system is usually placed on the roof or open ground, with the collector facing the sun and connected to the endless water system.
  • Water flows via the tubes, absorbs solar heat, and turns hot.
  • The heated water is stored in a tank for usage
  • The water stored within the tank remains hot overnight because the tank is insulated and warmth losses are small.

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