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What is Calorifier?

Calorifier is a term used to describe an extensive range of industrial and commercial hot water heaters. A calorifier is an indirect-fired water warmer to give high temp water in a warming and hot water system. Calorifier is a water storage tank with at least one warmth exchanger loop which contains hot fluids (water or solar liquid).

Applications of Calorifier

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It is intended for projects requiring huge volume stockpiling of water at high temperature, but instead of utilizing a burner, the water is warmed by heat exchanger loops containing fluid from another warmth source, like a heater.

In an average application, the high temp water straightforwardly warmed by a gas or electric evaporator goes through the calorifier and is utilized, by means of warmth trade, to warm up the virus water in a different arrangement of pipework. This implies that a calorifier can’t respond as fast to request as a direct-terminated water radiator, nonetheless, with the calorifier functioning as a support and putting away the heated water, it lessens the operational interest set on the heater. With the evaporator not, at this point needed to fill in as difficult to meet the homegrown boiling water needs (DHW) of a structure, energy is saved, costs are diminished and emanations fall.

Likewise, by isolating the provisions you decrease the dangers of outer pollution, development of scale in hard water regions, or the destructive impacts of delicate water.

Calorifiers are likewise easy to introduce. Since there is no burner, there is no requirement for the gas supply to be straightforwardly associated with the apparatus and the is no prerequisite for a pipe.

Why Aqua Alliance is the Leading Suppliers of Calorifier?

At Aqua Alliance, we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading calorifier suppliers in the UAE. Our support and consultancy professionals are happy to assist you with calorifier maintenance. We just want you to rely on our extensive knowledge and experience because we are experienced in handling support issues in all kinds of environments. In addition, we can train and assist your crew at the site in order to help you achieve optimal operation and maintenance conditions.