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Conti+ Mixers UAE

The Swiss brand Conti+ Sanitary-Solutions is specialized, Sustainable bathroom solutions in health and hygiene , for Hotels ,Malls, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals and public areas.
CONTI+ offers ideal solutions for the equipment of semi-public and commercial washrooms and toilets such as Hotel lobbies, restaurants, office buildings, gyms, etc., as well as toilets and showers for.
Aesthetics in semi-public washrooms and toilets is an important label for each address. CONTI+ has always set high standards in terms of design and beauty of form and therefore is ideal for those washrooms and toilets. Many of the products have been recognized by well-known institutions – among others a reason for architects CONTI+ repeatedly in their construction schedule.
In addition, distinguished CONTI+ solutions by their most touch-free operation. Intelligent sensors detect the user and control the water flow of the faucets automatically and safely. The intuitive and self-explanatory use every guest comes clear – even if he is first confronted with CONTI+ products. The touch-free operation offers several advantages: washing areas and toilets remain much cleaner and always made a neat, professional look.
The use of CONTI+ products is not only hygienic and comfortable, but also extremely economical. Water flows only when it is needed. The touch-free operation saves up to 70% water. Thus, the operating costs for water and energy can be significantly reduced. The optional solar module or through the turbine, a battery life of up to 8 years to be realized. An important contribution to the environment and also for lower operating expenses.
CONTI+ solutions and products but are also characterized especially by their robustness, vandal performance, durability and reliability. For each architects, planners, operators and owners of such facilities decisive conditions for small “lifetime” costs – ie Total cost over the life of the products! In many cases, far too little weighted decision basis for carefree installations.