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Types of Material for Stair Handrails?

Using the best material for stair handrails is a very important thing for its beauty and look. We can use different types of Metals, like steel, aluminum, and wrought iron.


Steel is the best material for both stair handrails and railings. This is useful for prevent rusting, galvanized or stainless. The main benefit of Steel handrails is that can use in any environment. Steel is coated with powder coatings and liquid paints and primers to improve performance.


Aluminum is a lower-density natural element. it looks like silver and aluminum are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminum handrails are used both inside and outside homes and buildings. Aluminum is very strong so that we can use this to create a safe environment.

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Wood is the most traditional material used for handrails and railings. Commonly we can see wooden handrails in homes and residential buildings.


Glass is not much safe material to use in staircase design and this comes in a number of varieties including clear, semi-transparent, tinted, frosted, and etched. Glass materials are commonly found in modern commercial buildings and homes.

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